How To Install Carpet Tiles

Floor Squares Carpet Tile

Installation Guidelines and Recommendations

Firstly, you don't need a tradesman you can do this yourself!


Tools  Needed
Tape Measure, Chalk Line, Utility Blade Knife, Straight Edge and Spiked Roller.

Prior to Installation
The floor should be smooth, flat, clean, dry and free of any debris that could affect adhesive. Remove anything that is not well adhered to the floor. It is recommended to remove or seal old adhesives. Damp mop and vacuum is recommended to ensure that floor is clean. Fill all cracks and depressions that might impact the finished floor with appropriate floor filler.
Floor temperature should be between 18.3 and 35 degrees Celsius .
Store carpet tiles at room temperature for 24 hours prior to installation.
Measure the area to determine the best layout. It is preferable to have larger cuts at outer walls. Never go off the walls, often walls are not straight and the cut size may change from one end of the room to the other. Take into account doorways or other partitions when determining the best starting point.

After determining your starting point  use a chalk line to  create a crisp, perfectly straight line to use as a guide. Layout chalk lines that bisect at the starting point and are at right angles.

Installation should begin at this point and you may choose to lay the tiles either in a straight grid or use a horizontal ashlar or brick pattern.

Once you are ready simply remove the attached plastic from the back of the carpet tile and align the tile with the two chalk lines. The best way to install the carpet tile (like wall paper or covering a school book in contact) peel back 5cm on one edge, line up this edge and then slowly peel off the plastic sheet as you smooth the tile in place. Check the arrows on the back of the tile and take care that all tiles are laid in the with the arrows in the same direction to give you the seamless appearance.  As you lay each carpet tile brush back the face fiber to keep it from being trapped between the tiles. When joining the carpet tiles make sure they join snugly but do not compress the carpet tiles (ie squash).


When you get to the outer wall of the room you will need to measure and cut the carpet tiles to the size needed.  Mark the tiles on the back with a felt tip or ball point pen.  Prior to cutting, again check the arrows to be certain that the carpet tile that you are cutting will run in the same direction as the other tiles in the room.  Always turn the carpet tile over and cut the carpet tile from the back, then position the cut edge at the wall.

Take your time installing your carpet tiles - the more time spent lining up the tiles the better the end result!

For a even more seamless application, use a Floor Squares spiked roller (also available from the online shop) to ensure the seams are invisible.


When you have completed the installation, vacuum the carpet and stand back to admire your new floor!

                            Floor Squares, Beautiful Floors Made Simple!